Vacuume Fried Chips

•Contains – Premium Ripe Jackfruit Chips -100g
•Jackfruit is one of the most popular Tropical Fruits in India. This unique delicious fruits are
grow in a spiky green pod. Jackfruits are versatile and can be made into chips, papads, etc.
TummyYums brings you the unique flavor of Jackfruits in the form of chips
•Freshly plucked Jackfruits are peeled into slices, which is then vacuum fried to preserve the
nutrients and to minimize the oil residue
•This chips has a natural sweet flavor of the ripe Jackfruit, the irresistible aroma and the
delicious after taste of the Jackfruit will make your every bite memorable
•Enjoy this exotic flavorful chips with your family and friends. A healthy snacking choice

Sweet Potato Chips are made from fresh sweet potato, using latest vacuum frying technology, crisped to perfection and blended with MSG free seasoning. Vacuum frying helps in retaining all the goodness of sweet potatoes. These crisps are processed at low temperature, ensuring that the nutrients, vitamins and minerals present in the vegetable is not lost. Tummy Yums Vacuum fried crisps is a healthier alternative to deep fried snacks and namkeens.

It’s time to take a beetroot snack!!! It is vacuum fried without losing the natural taste aroma and flavour of organic beetroot. Vacuum frying is now a day used as a healthy alternative of the normal deeply fried chips. Introducing Vaccum fried beetroot chips! The healthy and tasty chips. Vacuum frying is a good option to achieve high quality dries products with better colours and flavours due to the reduced oxidation and lower frying temperature.

Vacuum frying of vegetables is a relatively new process. Rather than deep frying the vegetables in oil at high temperature, the vegetables are processed at lower temperatures. This helps in retention of natural nutrients, color, texture and flavor. This also results in very low oil absorption and oil degradation. These chips are made by using high quality produce sourced directly from the farmers. The chips are rich in taste, crispy and very low on fat. Key benefits: low on fat boosts immunity, high nutrient content, contains vitamin A and K, natural colour, flavors and texture.

Lip-smacking Oats Chips – Cream & Onion snack. The goodness of oats, Urad Dal & nutritious rice assorted with spices is what makes this an ultimate ANYTIME DIET SNACK. This protein-rich snack boosts your energy & helps in your digestive process. Say hello to a happier and healthier you.


  • High in fibre, which helps in lowering down the cholesterol level.
  • This incredible snack mix is super heart healthy.
  • Helps with Weight Loss.
  • Help maintain appropriate blood pressure levels.
  • Provide a healthy digestive system.

  • 100% Roasted Quinoa Crisps is healthy snacks option. Vegan & Naturally Guilt Free.
  • Enriched with Omega 3. Low calorie.
  • Healthy Quinoa Crisps are protein power house. Healthy vegan snack for distinctive taste buds.
  • High in Fiber, Magnesium, Vitamins, Protein, etc. Add to savory and sweet dishes.
  • Complete Protein with an ideal amino acid profile. Provides nutrients of the ancient super grain quinoa.

Yummy and crunchy fun that pleases your taste buds and benefits your health at the same time.
These dairy free, gluten free and vegan chips could be another great addition to your healthy snacking. This is one of the best products and is highly demanded. When are you grabbing your packet?


  • The main ingredient ragi, helps in weight loss
  • Treatment for multiple diseases (Osteoporosis, Anemia, Diabetes)
  • Helps in relieving stress and anxiety.

Low Fat Makai Chips are prepared from corn and various other ingredients. It offers the taste of corn along with the crispy texture. Have these Low Fat Makai Chips anytime or during your snack time. Ingredients – Udad Dal,Makai Flour,Salt,Ajma,Chilly Powder & Edible Oil. Corn chips are delicious snacks packed with carbohyderate and iron. Will go perfectly in your kids tiffin.

  • Soya Chips is a premium product made from natural soya.
  • This tasty snack is brimmed with several health benefits and can be an addition to your healthy diet regime.
  • Snack on them between meals or during tea time to feel re-energized and refreshed.
  • Kid-friendly and Makes a perfect accompaniment for Outings or Breaks or Movies or Picnics or just Anywhere.

The perfect snack to curb those hunger pangs when you are craving for some thing savoury. The baked rajma crackers is rich in indian spices and flavours. The chips come without the guilt of a fried indian snack. It’s baked with rajma (red kidney beans) to help you eat healthy and enjoy the snack whenever you want.

These Schezwan Chips have a spicy taste and are the perfect evening snacks.


  • Crispy
  • Can be preserved for long
  • Good to taste

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