Cancellation & Refund

Can I cancel or Change my Order ?

You can change the order but cannot cancel once placed. Contact us within 6 hours through Whatsapp or call (8104124847) or Email (info@horecaglobal.com), and we will change the order. Post that, we will not accept any changes.

When Can I Return my Order?

You can return the products: 1) If the product reaches you in a condition which renders it unfit for use, beyond expiry date etc., we urge you to contact us within 36 hours from delivery. We will analyse the issue through photographs or at our warehouse, as the situation demands, and upon finding that the product has reached you in a condition as stated above, completely refund the amount within 48 hours. 2) We do not accept ‘Taste’ as a factor for returning the product, as we acknowledge and understand that everyone may not have the same/similar taste preferences. 3) The final and binding decision for whether the product is eligible for refund, on a case by case basis, lies with TummyYums – Healthy Snacking Co. only.